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Professional Profile Innovator and Digital Marketing professional with over 14 years of progressive experience in digital marketing, interactive strategy, creative business solutions and eCommerce. Over 10 years experience driving revenue and profit increases through the web. Expert in international and local online marketing, business negotiations, project management, problem solving, creativity, multi-tasking, analytical and boosting sales growth by using digital marketing An entrepreneurial spirit that is passionate about growing the business within a fast paced environment, and helping others in Africa to start and grow their startups by offering tools and continuous mentoring Developing the first job assessment tests in Online Marketing and Social Media, in the US. The pilot project will kick off by Jan of 2016. Intelligent and ambitious with the ability to multi-task and improve processes by implementing creative business solutions Ability to build relationships and influence external third parties Superior verbal, written and presentation skills Fluent in two languages; English Arabic Area of expertise: Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click marketing Social Media Marketing Website design development Sales Force Mobile Ads Marketing Web Analytics Landing page optimization Website hosting and Emails Ecommerce marketing Mobile Apps Marketing A/B and multivariate Testing Email Marketing Blogging Youtube Marketing Core Competence Technology leadership BusinessShow MoreRelatedBusiness Communication Trends1664 Words   |  7 Pagesincludes; wikipedia, social-networking tools, portable media players, personal digital assistants and telepresence. Many organizations are using wikipedia, an online form of content knowledge management, in which users can post information or collaborate on projects. Just like face book, larger organizations are adapting social-networking tools designed specifically for businesses. The software allows users to post a profile, blog, or useful links which allow workers to interact on a more personal levelRead MoreAdvantage and Disadvantage of Technology1265 Words   |  6 Pagesyour business The telecommunication, technology and media industries are experiencing new challenges and opportunities. Telecom equipment and services, consumer electronics, software and IT services, mobility solutions, and also broadcasting and digital media, are being powered by evolving technologies and rapidly changing consumer behaviors. How can multi-play telcos transform into multimedia service providers and stay profitable? How are IT providers addressing customers’ increasing security andRead MoreSocial Media s Impact On Global Business1795 Words   |  8 Pageshappening and there is a significant fundament shift in how we communicate today and social media is touching almost every aspects of our personal and business lives. The growing social media industry is generating jobs and also created a new branch of marketing and education. Millions of people are connected with brands and famous pages through social media platform. People are taking services issues to these pages or channels as their preferred communication source. The feedback in the form of positiveRead MoreFacebook And Its Impact On College Students1725 Words   |  7 Pagesa long way. From its initial use by the mingling college student, to all ages communicating around the world, the site now has over 1.23 billion users and keeps growing (Kiss 2014). From a timeline perspective, it didn’t take long for Facebook innovators to get in on the â€Å"tech-boom† that is now the mobile network and internet networks we are all familiar with using today. What was once created for use as a simple communication tool, Facebook today has rebuilt nations, established new brands andRead MoreExplain Why It Is Important for Marketers to Understand the Concepts of Market Segmentation and Target Marketing. Discuss in Detail Different Methods Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Strategies Available to Use3188 Words   |  13 PagesTO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS OF MARKET SEGMENTATION AND TARGET MARKETING. DISCUSS IN DETAIL DIFFERENT METHODS MARKET SEGMENTATION AND TARGET MARKETING STRATEGIES AVAILABLE TO USE BY MARKETERS. PROVIDE EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERS ON THE BASIS OF EITHER A SINGLE CASE COMPANY OR SEVERAL COMPANIES FROM ANY INDUSTRY OF YOUR CHOICE. â€Æ' Table of Contents TITLE PAGE 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 INTRODUCTION 3 MARKET SEGMENTATION 3 TARGET MARKETING 6 ONLINE NETWORKING SITES 7 CONCLUSION 8 REFERENCE LIST 9 â€Æ'Read MoreEmerging Trends in Retail Marketing1856 Words   |  8 PagesEmerging Trends in Retail Marketing strategy Retail Marketing The essence of retail marketing is developing merchandise and services that satisfy specific needs of customers, and supplying them at prices that will yield profits. Thereby the concept is a philosophy, not a system of retailing or retail structure. In todays CRM landscape the old analogy comparing the rifle and shotgun approaches to message and / or offer delivery is perhaps more appropriate than ever, as more retailRead MoreHubspot Case Analysis2368 Words   |  10 PagesHubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0 Highlighted S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths * HubSpot is considered a leader and innovator in inbound marketing strategies/practices and a sought after producer of Web 2.0 technology (applications and software). * HubSpot has already reached 1000 customer mark. * coined the term inbound marketing. * HubSpots freeware (The Website Grader, The Twitter Grader and The Facebook Grader) had proved extremely popular. * In 2009 moreRead MoreEssay Chapter Questions and Answers8585 Words   |  35 Pagesfive stages in the buyer decision process and briefly describe the online and offline marketing activities used to influence each. The five stages in the buyer decision process and the online and offline marketing activities used to influence them are: * Awareness of Need * Search for Information * Evaluation of Alternatives * Actual Purchase Decision * Post-Purchase Contact with Firm Marketing helps lure in potential buyers by association to a desire or effect. These avenuesRead MoreSegmenting, Targeting, Positioning of Ipad2823 Words   |  12 PagesINTRODUCTION Marketing is an organizational function and a set of process to creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationship in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholder. To delivery its value, the company needs a marketing plan and strategy. The objectives of a marketing strategy are to identify a target market and develop a marketing mix that will appeal to those potential customers. Decisions regarding the ideal marketing mix can beRead MoreKodak Options Memo2528 Words   |  11 Pagesfor Kodak to revamp its core strategy and regain popularity. Eastman Kodak has been the leader of photography and printing products for nearly 130 years. Over the last few years Kodak has been in distress due to its poor fundamental shift into the digital age. Lack of strategic creativity led Kodak to misunderstand the industry in which it was operating. This lack of strategic creativity was costly for Kodak. This memo will explore the options I briefly discussed in the previous memo, in order

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Essay on The Five Major Structure of the Brain - 865 Words

The Five Major Structures of the Human Brain University of Phoenix PSY 240 October 27, 2012 Olivia Fransis The human brain is nothing short of incredible. In a way it’s the world’s most powerful computer because it can process tasks at lightning speeds and simultaneously be in control of our reflexes and every other voluntary and involuntary functions. It is the most important and complex organ as well as our core for learning At the point of birth, the brain weighs an average of 350 to 400 grams and can weigh from about 1,300 to 1,400 grams as an adult. The brain is composed up of roughly 77 to 78% of water, 10 to 12% lipids, 8% proteins, 1% carbs, 2% soluble organics, and 1% inorganic salt. The brain can actually grow as†¦show more content†¦The telencephalon is at the front of the brain and is made up of the basil ganglia, the cerebral cortex, the olfactory bulb, and the corpus striatum. The functions of the telencephalon include: determining intelligence, personality, sense of smell, sense of touch, sensory impulse interpretations, organization and planning. The diencephalon is located in between the cerebral hemispheres and is greater than the midbrain. It is composed of the thalamus and hypothalamus structures. The thalamus acts as a relay point for nerve impulses that are inbound from around the body that are then dispatched to the appropriate area of the brain for processing. The hypothalamus controls hormone secretions produced from the pituitary gland. These hormones control growth and instinctual behaviors such as eating, drinking, sex, anger, and reproduction. The hypothalamus also controls when a new mother begins to lactate. Some of the functions of the diencephalon include: sensing impulses moving throughout the body, controlling autonomic functions, endocrine functions, motor functions, homeostasis and basic senses such as hearing, vision, smell, and taste. The cerebrum is the bigger portion of the brain and it consists of 85% of the overall weight of the brain. It has a unique outer surface with deep wrinkles, which is the cerebral cortex that consists of â€Å"gray matter†. The cerebrum is what makes the human brain as powerful as it is. UnlikeShow MoreRelatedEssay about Five Major Structures of the Brain840 Words   |  4 PagesThe Five Major Structures of the Brain The brain is an amazing structure. It is the most complex and interesting part of the human body. It is like a huge computer that runs every function of the body. The brain is made up of the five major structures that include: the myelencephalon, metencephalon, mesencephalon, deicephalon, and the telencephalon. Each of these structures also has substructures involved within them. You start learning how to do things when you are born and keep learning asRead MoreDifferences Between Female And Female Babies1716 Words   |  7 Pages When a baby is first born the main concern of the parents is the development of the child; this is a crucial part of the infant’s life where the first few years of life are the most important. The rate of brain development depends on the environment around the baby including where they live and who they are growing up around. During the baby’s first year especially, the skills being developed are what will be needed and used throughout t heir entire life. Not all babies develop at the same rate,Read MoreEssay About Conflict740 Words   |  3 Pagesa very severe case of Major Depressive Disorder. Mother: Major Depressive Disorder? You mean that psychiatric junk? That’s just a way for people to not take responsibility and for people like you to make more money! Psychiatrist: I can ensure you that psychiatric disorders are very real. In fact, there is a lot of science to back it up. For your daughter, she is dealing with Major Depressive Disorder, or a long-term period of sadness. People are diagnosed when they have five or more of nine specificRead More IMPAIRMENT NEURAL DEVELOPMENTS AND SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM DISORDER1171 Words   |  5 Pagesa common neural developmental brain condition (Cheng et al., 2010). It does not have unifying neurobiological or pathological etiology (Geschwind Levitt, 2007) .It characterized by impaired social interaction and communication skills and restricted repetitive behavior (Johnson Myers, 2007). Medical condition such as mental retardation, chromosomal anomalies and seizures are often appear with autism (Casanova, 2007). During first 3 years of childhood, these major symptoms are revealed (CasanovaRead MoreEpilepsy : A Treatable Neurological Disorder Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pagescertain job fields. Fur thermore, seizures can also lead to many different types of injuries in epileptic patients, some of which could be fatal, such as choking on the tongue. In the United States alone one in twenty-five people suffer from epilepsy.2 1.2 Mechanism of Action In the normal brain, there is a high concentration of potassium ions within the cell and a high concentration of sodium outside of the cell. When the cell is at equilibrium, a resting potential exists in the cell membrane. An actionRead MorePrimates Characteristic Of Primates1288 Words   |  6 Pageswhich helps them look straightforward. They also have postorbital bar to protect the eyes. Third, primates reduced the olfaction that is not useful for arboreal life. Fourth, comparing to the other mammals, primates have large brain consider to the body size. The large brain helps them to process the complicating reactions, and thinking. Haplorrhines primates have some unique derived traits: the loss of tapetum lucidum, which enhances the vision in the darkness; and haplorhini, which is dry externalRead MoreWeek One Study Guide Anatomy and Physiology Essay1247 Words   |  5 PagesWEEK 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY 1. Define the terms anatomy and physiology, and explain their relationship using an example of a human structure with its corresponding function. Anatomy: The branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other organisms, esp. as revealed by dissection. Physiology: The branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts. Anatomy and physiology are connected inRead MoreThe Importance of Biology in the Study of Psychology Essay991 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract Whether it is the study of biopsychology and other fields of psychology or neuroscience, all psychologists and scientists are trying to understand the functions of the brain. The body and mind connection and how it reacts to certain behaviors or illnesses. Most all psychological functioning can be reduced to underlying brain processes. This should serve as reason alone as to why biology plays an important part in the study of psychology. Psychological factors play a role in whether a person developsRead MoreOur Five Senses Essays1144 Words   |  5 PagesUnit 2: Teamwork Assignment, Team A Romy Brannen, Amy Eoff-Stanley, Kourtney Trehern, Amanda Basher, Nathan Palmer, Debra Lee General Psychology - 2027 May 15, 2010 Our Five Senses, Vision, Smell, Hearing, Taste, and Touch The following paper is an explanation of our five senses. How they work and why do we have them. Would a person be able to function if one or more senses were lost? All these questions are answered in following document. Our entire sensory system consistsRead MoreTheories of Personality Essay809 Words   |  4 Pagesthree major components of mental structure of which are ID, Ego and Superego. Development proceeds from the id which includes the instincts or drives with which we are born, to ego and superego. Infants are at the most primitive stage, all id entirely driven by the urge to gratify instinctual urges, without any notion of what is possible or of the consequences of their actions† (Magnavita, 2012). This paper will the structural and component models of personality which will explain how the brain operates

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Dhl Logistic System free essay sample

Report Cover Page Title Page American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) REPORT ON â€Å"Logistic System of DHL† Submitted to: Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury Course Instructor Course: Marketing Research Section: A BBA Program Submitted By: â€Å"Foysal Ahmed† â€Å"ID 08-12089-3† â€Å"Marketing† Date of Submission: 26-12,2011 MARKETING RESEARCH REPORT ON â€Å"Logistic System of DHL† Letter of transmittal December 26, 2011 To Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury Course Instructor Marketing Research Section: A Subject: Letter of transmittal of the research report submission Dear Sir: With due respect and honor I am submitting my Marketing Research Report on the topic â€Å"Logistic system of DHL† as a requirement for the course Marketing Research, section: A that I am enrolled in during Fall semester, 2011-12 in the BBA program of American International University-Bangladesh. I have tried to implement the relevant theories that I learn from different marketing courses during my practical work in DHL. I really have learned a lot have gained valuable experience while I working in the company and collecting material to prepare this report. I tried my best to prepare this Marketing Research Report up to the required standard. Moreover, I tried my best to gather relevant information for preparing a complete paper on this subject. I will very grateful if you accept this initiative of mine. For further quarries regarding the study please feel free to contact me. Thanking You Yours Sincerely, Name of Student FOYSAL AHMED ID: 08-12089-3 E-mail: [emailprotected] com ACKNOWKEDGEMENT First I want to thank to my respective course instructor Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury for his co-operation. Despite his busy schedule, he was always there to guide me whenever I needed help. His keen insight, advice and suggestions have helped me to improve my internship report. His guidelines have enabled me to complete the report, which is extremely important for my course requirement. I would like to thank the people of DD (Distributing Department) of DHL who helped me a lot during my Research and my special thanks to assistant manager Sohel khan (DD), GM Mr. Tazim Ahmed (Marketing and Sales department) of DHL who gave me interviews and helped me to collect necessary information to prepare my report. I would also like to thank Ashraf Ali, executive director of the company to give me the opportunity to do a research report on DHL. At last I would like to convey my best regards to the Family of DHL. Who extended their kind assistance to carry out the study. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is an assigned research of the course â€Å"Marketing Research†. The purpose of conducting this research is to know about the distribution of DHL, logistic system of DHL as well as the supply chain management. We’ve found that as the people of our country and the system in Bangladesh is very much suitable for logistic business it can be very much profitable business for unemployed people. In our country there are some conducted research on logistic process and profitability but there are no research conducted that actually explains which factors are affecting the logistic system. So we were interested about the factors those are influencing and hampering the progress of logistic system. So this report is all about logistic system. DHL`s international network  links almost 220 countries and territories worldwide. Around 285,000 employees are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that  exceed customers expectations in 120,000destinations in all continents. Three companies joined the brand of DHL in 2003, to set new and better standards in the courier  business the world over. These companies are; I. DHL Worldwide Express, the worldwide leader in air express II. Danzas, the worldwide leader in air and  sea freight III. Deutsche Post Euro Express, European  leader in parcel services. Profile of the organization DHL is the global leader in logistics with more highly experienced  professionals at  more locations in more countries than any other provider. His goal is to build strong, long-term partnerships with customers by  providing  world  class  services,  across  all  our  operations. Just months after man’s first landing on the moon in 1969, DHL begins operating the first international door-to-door express delivery service in the world. It all started out of chance in a local food store of San Francisco. The idea came out during the meeting of two friends Mr. Adrain Dalsey and Mr. Larry Hillblom in July 1969. Dalsey was a sales person and Hillblom was a flying courier, thinking about his recent $3,000 stock market earnings for investment. â€Å"Let’s start a new company. † was the idea that came into their minds. A real estate associate Lynn joined them, and DHL began its first courier service between the West Coast of America and Hawaii. It is on the basis of the owners’ names the name of the organization was suggested. Dalsey  Hillblom  Lynn ? DHL’s first customers were the shipping companies that required a service of early delivery of the shipping documents to reach their clients before the shipment itself, to make it easy and less time consuming. The banks that used company’s services of overnight delivery to beat the postal system and to ensure a safer transport of documents and cheques worth millions of dollars. [1] By the time passing the rapidly growing network of enthusiastic customers in the USA, DHL begins to meet demands for an international service by opening territories in the Far East and Pacific Rim. DHL’s success provokes an envious response from rival companies and it has to fight a legal battle to stay in business. But this doesn’t stop further expansion: a separate company,  DHL International Ltd. ,  is established to focus on meeting the ever-increasing demand for international door-to-door deliveries. [2] The start of 80s marks a focus upon reliability, control, ease of billing, and flexibility of service: qualities which DHL meets customer needs to this day. To make sure the increasing size of DHL can still be managed effectively; a team of internal global strategies is formed to co-ordinate worldwide activities. 3] After thirty years of expansion there is few new territories left for DHL to move into. Instead the company concentrates on improvement by opening new service centers, forging new business partnerships and introducing new technology. The company has its head quarters situated in Brussels, Belgium. Though it’s an American based company, still it has its head office in Europe due ownership specific reasons. [4] Around the world, the people at DHL remain committed to providing the fastest, most reliable and flexible door to door express delivery service their customers can buy. For more than thirty years DHL has set the pace in their industry. As their customer’s needs have changed, as they have been among the first to enter new markets such as China or Eastern Europe, DHL has developed innovative logistics solutions which both support their business and help them increase the value they offer. And today that means much more than simply ensuring that time sensitive documents, packages or freight arrive safely, on time, every time. More than ever DHL works in partnership with their customers often as an integral part of their business supply chain. Over the past three years it had invested more than US $ 1. 5 billion worldwide in their people and additional state of the art handling, distribution and information systems, transportation equipment and facilities. That investment provides their entire customer’s with access to unrivalled infrastructure for the transfer of goods at a reasonable cost. So now DHL can do even more to make express delivery easier. For some customers DHL now handle a number of critical business functions from start to finish. For others their express logistics facilities increase efficiency quite substantially, creating benefits which can be passed to their customers. DHL aims to be acknowledged as world leader in express delivery, establishing industry standards of excellence for value and money. Nobody words harder to anticipate customer delivery needs than DHL does. Nobody understands those needs or the importance of promises made to customers better than DHL does. It’s that understanding which forms the bedrock of DHL’s customers’ continued satisfaction and their own success. So customer can be sure that if it matters to them, it matters to DHL. 5] DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and 275,000 employees’ worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local kno wledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education. Facilities: DHL Bangladesh has an outstanding reputation in the market for providing are iable, fast and easy-to-use service. DHL offers-Highly trained and professional staff, committed to being responsive to all customers needs 1. Customer Service Agents, available round-the-clock, 365 days of the year, to serve customers whenever and wherever they need them 2. Electronic pre-clearance of shipments through Customs 3. Five international gateways providing direct-to-air networks and faster sorting of inbound and outbound shipments Vision Customers trust DHL as the preferred global express and logistics partner, leading the industry in terms of quality, profitability and market share. Mission DHL enhances the business of our customers by offering highest quality express and logistics solutions based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive global network presence. Customers trust DHL as the preferred global express and logistics partner, leading the industry in terms of quality, profitability and market share Core values DHL is customer conscious and working upon the strategy of Customer is King therefore there corporate goal is to get the customer satisfaction based with providing good quality, reliability, and accepting the challenges†¦. I. To deliver excellent quality II. To make our customers successful III. To foster openness IV. To act according to clear priorities V. To act in an entrepreneurial way VI. To act with integrity internally and externally VII. To accept social responsibilities Service offered by DHL 1. Co-packing We offer a comprehensive selection of manufacturing and packaging services through Power Packaging a DHL Company. By integrating manufacturing and packaging operations within their  supply chains, our customers can: I. Add flexibility II. Improve service levels III. Reduce costs IV. Accelerate time to mark V. Increase asset utilization . Product Assembly Postponement, quick response and mass customization are breakthrough  business strategies enabled via packaging services. Integrating  packaging operations into distribution centers streamlines fulfillment reducing cost, enhancing product visibility and control, and improving speed-to-market and flexibility in the supply chain. Packaging services include: I. Postpone ment packaging primary, secondary and specialty components II. Co-packing, kitting, assembly and repackaging III. Retail-ready,  point-of-purchase  displays IV. Lot control via variable digital and laser printing V. Machinery system engineering labeling, bagging, carton filling, club store packs, clamshells and printed and unprinted film over-wraps VI. Make-to-order pallets VII. Product rework/redress 3. Other Value Added Services a. Kitting/Pre-Assembling Kitting is the addition of items such as accessories and batteries to the  product pack. Pre-assembling is completion of a finished product from component parts or pre-programming of products. B. Re-Working/Re-Packing Repacking for a specific customer can include repalletisation. Reworking is the modification of products to suit a local market. c. Packaging/Bundling Packaging includes packing of products into suitable media for  transportation and retail display. Bundling is the assembly of a number  of pre-packaged products to make up an integrated product offering. D. QA Control Quality control ensures that product is received into and dispatched from the warehouse in a suitable condition, free from faults and defects. e. Labeling/Merchandising The application of labels either to the product or to the packaging. Merchandising can include the addition of price stickers or promotional items ready for retail display Geographical Location of DHL Express Bangladesh [pic] Literature review DHL is the global leader in logistics with more highly experienced  professionals at  more locations in more countries than any other provider. His goal is to build strong, long-term partnerships with customers by  providing  world  class  services,  across  all  our  operations. For DHL supply chain DHL supply chain management solution are focused on helping the customer take increase control of international inbound supply chain to maximize the value of international and global sourcing. DHL helps customer: i. Give visibility of the upstream supply chain, and enable earlier decision making. i. Create a more agile sully chain, better able to respond to change in consumer demand iii. Reduce lead time, inventories, and associated storage cost Customer focused solution are built up from following core service; i. Origin management, including; vendor management ;supplier collection; customer brokerage; consolidation service and value added service ii. Global forwarding ,included ;air/ocean/road/rail freight forwarding and management, Europe manage transport iii. Destination management, including: port and demurrage management ;customs brokerage de-consolidation and pre-retail service. v. Supply chain visibility and management, including: purchase order management; RFID product tracking; exception management planning and forecasting; Inventory management v. Global forwarding services are provided all major routes. Logistical services that are offered 1. Reverse Logistics 2. Services Logistics 3. Inbound to Manufacturing 4. Medical device distribution 5. Distribution to stores Management 6. Engineering Response FOR DHL: DHL uses all the modes of transportations that is 1. Airways 2. Roadways 3. Waterways 4. Rail freight DHL has its own fleet of airplanes and motor vans. Depending upon the final destination where the goods have to finally reach and the type of  Ã‚  package the customer has paid for, DHL uses the individual modes of  transport or a combination of either of these or all. Once again the geographical location and how fast the goods have to be delivered are the factors for the final selection of modes of transportation. The concept of economies of scale and economies of distance are both taken into consideration in case of larger consignments where DHL provides an appropriate  logistical solution which helps in  reducing the  overall cost for the customers Outsourcing  Projects Outsourcing involves DHL taking over and managing previous in-house logistics operations,  including: 1. Distribution centers 2. Transport operations 3. Back-office functions 4. Supply chain management functions 5. After sales services Introduction of the Study Logistics is concerned with getting the products and services where they are needed and when they are desired. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of  information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in  process, and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible. Logistics is practiced for ages since organized activity began. Without logistics support no activity can be performed to meet defined goal. The current challenge is to perform logistics scientifically in  order to optimize benefits to the organization. Logistics is a planning function of management. Logistics function is concerned with taking products and services where they are needed and when they are needed. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENTS: Logistics management is that part of the supply chain which plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective, forward and backward (reverse) flow and storage of goods, services and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers requirements rather to the customers ¶ delight. A  professional working in the field of logistics management is called a logistician. Logistics, as a business concept, evolved only in the 1950s. This was mainly due to the increasing complexity of supplying ones business with materials, and shipping out products in an increasingly globalize supply chain, calling for experts in the field who are called Supply Chain Logisticians. This can be defined as having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price and to the right target customers (consumer);and it is the science of process having its presence in all sectors of the industry. The goal of logistics work is to manage the fruition of project life cycles, supply chains and resultant efficiencies. Logistics is Concerned with getting (or  transmitting) the products and services where they are needed or when they are desired. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or  manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of  information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible. Rationale of the study To know Industrial sector properly Distribution is a broad industry sector responsible for managing the flow of goods, information, and people between a point of origin and a point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of consumers. Major sub-sectors within the industry include air, rail, water, and truck transportation, urban transit and ground passenger transportation, warehousing and storage, and motor vehicle repair. Logistics involve the integration of these sub sectors, including information, transportation, and inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging. In all, Distribution contains 30 sub-sectors engaged in the movement of goods, information, and people. Nationwide, 4. 5% of firms fall into distribution, while the sector accounts for 4. 5% of employment and 4. 1% of wages. Factors contributing to industry growth include globalization and continued growth in the importation of products produced overseas Technologies such as electronic data interchange that allow better tracking of product information, and radio frequency identification that streamlines the distribution process will continue to transform the transportation, distribution, and logistics industry. That is why distribution is very much important for industrial sector. Increase realistic knowledge Marketing research can be defined as the process of gathering recording and analyzing the data related to certain products and services. This need for market research is derived from the concept that only by understanding the needs and wants of the target audience and by effectively meeting them, which will be able to achieve the organizational goals and surpass the competition in the specific market. Thus, arises the need to collect data about the customers, competitors, and other forces in the marketplace. This data in turn is collected and analyzed to make relevant marketing decisions, be it in relation to setting up a business, developing a product, creating a brand or coming up with an advertising campaign. To increase of the practical knowledge about distribution it helps me for betterment. To Make Marketing Decisions Marketing research helps the marketers to make a decision about the product or service. Sometimes a marketer might believe that the new product or service is useful for the customers. However, research may show that customers do not need a product or are meeting their needs with a certain competitor product and so on. Similarly good marketing research strives to provide options for the successful introduction of new products and services. This makes the market entry of a new product or service less risky. It makes me to decide the right place at the right time. Statement of the problem 1. Possibility of new distribution channel to grab new or more customers or the market 2. To determine the effectiveness of distribution channel 3. Possible threats the company might face in the future Scope and delimitation of the study In the organization all the developments are equally important and interrelated. To achieve organizational goals successfully through a perfect strategic planning all the stage should be performed accurately. Here in our research we are discussing about supply chain and the logistic process of DHL. We are also analyzing its influence on organization. Every organization need well adjusted, trained and experienced people to perform its activities. Here we will talk about the importance and needs of logistics and distribution process and development process. Our focus is to know and understand that what kind of distribution channel they are applying. We will also try to find out the impact of it on the organization. We will discuss about the logistic system and supply chain of the organization. Objective of the study Broad objectives DHL has the world’s largest express and logistics Network. Over the past decades it had turned delivering goods into a finely oiled process. . DHL has developed a reputation for consistently developing innovative solutions that streamline operations and improve control. Their in-house teams have contributed to the solutions design of some of the worlds leading brands and enabled to win key contacts. DHL is service based company and services are critical for competitive advantage in companies from all sectors. Superior customer service is one of the key drivers of Competitive advantage. Overall objectives †¢ To present the General condition of the courier industry and the distributing procedures †¢ To have a general concept on the parcel and logistics courier service. Specific objectives †¢ To find the techniques of distribution †¢ To find the distribution techniques of â€Å" DHL Express Bangladesh† Limitations Every report will have some limitations. Therefore, while doing our report we have also faced few limitations which are as follows: Respondents give invalid and incorrect responses so it is difficult to measure the accuracy of the responses. Thus, it can result in quantitative estimation error due to respondent miscomprehension. ? Time constraint- this is a fact that every one face, it is always not enough to complete a certain task by feeling t hat enough time was not given. Though we did not fail to complete the project on time, more the time is available the better the project gets. We have to face many limitations to do the study . such as- †¢ Sometimes they show less responsibility to discuss. †¢ Sometimes authority don’t want to give any information They give wrong information †¢ They don’t want to share their plan †¢ They don’t want to express their techniques Methodology The research methodology was based on collection of data from primary and secondary sources. The primary sources were the 3PL providers, and data collection was through questionnaire surveys, telephonic interviews and personal visits. The secondary sources were books, published reports, journal articles and the Internet. The details of  the questionnaire design and the process of administering the questionnaire to potential respondents are outlined below. Sources of information: Primary: We will use the data for our research paper as we go to the company and take interview of the manager and employees and ask them relevant question about the effect of ethical code we will prepare set of question and ask them to fill it up. Secondary: We will search their web site or can sent questionnaire by e-mail and ask them to fill it up by internet. Research approach We will be based mainly on the survey in the company for our research paper. we will go to the company and ask relevant question to the manager and employees and will collect the data. We will also research is web site of the company. Research tools Questionnaire For collecting data we will use a set of relevant question to ask the manager and employees to fill it up. The questionnaire will be in MCQ type and open ended. Mechanical tools For our report we will use computer and its software like Microsoft word, excel and the internet for browsing for information Sampling plan Sample unit We will focus on middle level worker mainly for our survey. Sample size We will take a sample size of 10 or more for our data collection process through interview. Contact method Personal interview We will mainly base on personal interview as contact method for collecting data for our term paper. We will give the questionnaire and ask to fill it up Mail questionnaire If there are any difficulties in direct interview then we will send questionnaire by e-mail. Phone calls For more information we will also use mobile and land phone to contract with them. Analysis and Interpretation of data 1. Which company will you choose to make your good delivered? Sample Size: 14 people Age: None Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] According to survey the respondents choose 8. 2% compare to FedEx, TNT, UPS. There will be a huge difference from DHL to FEDEX because of the good deliver. And the rest of the parts are very unfamiliar which holds up only 1. 4% as well as 1. 2%. 2. According to you, which company provides the best service? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 19-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] This was the service based questionnaire for the respondent which carries 6% service provider are from DHL out of 14 respondent. And 4% are from FedEx which is very near to DHL. The most closely respondent is TNT. Apart from it UPS carry only 1%. 3. Do you think any other new competitor should enter in the market? If no why? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 25-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] This is the most important part for DHL get the good response from the respondents. Because of the 9% no holder said that there is really do not need any competitor in this competitive market. So that DHL already capture the 70% market share out of 100%. 4. Do all the service providers meet the superior standers, quality and safety measurements while delivering the goods? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 24-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] This is comparatively tricky question about the quality and standards of the service provider. There is only 4. % respondent who are strongly agree with their delivering goods. Most of the respondents are goes with 5. 5% . but there will be few respondents who are answering moderate agree with 3. 5%. Disagree had only . 5%. 5. According to you, which company do you think is the leading one as per market share? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 24-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] The survey said UPS got the 2% o f respondent support. FEDEX and DHL have the same percentage with 5. 5%. TNT goes up with 1% respondent. 6. Do you think DHL has proper distribution channel? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 24-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] The respondent used to confuse about the distribution channel. The outlets of DHL have only few comparatively the global market. That is why they have the mixed answer. only 8% were covered the positive part and 6% covered by the negative respondent. 7. Do you agree DHL should increase distribution channel in BD? Sample Size: 14 people Age: 24-40 Sample Area: Dhaka [pic] This survey is pretty much astonishing because of agree and strongly agree have a massive gap. The respondent with strongly agree has covered by 8. 2%. but the agree respondent had only 1. 2%. therefore moderate agree and disagree had closest value which is 1. % and 1. 2%. 8. Do you think DHL they have proper transportation to distribute their services? 9. according to you, DHL they increase their transportation system to distribute the goods? [pic] Here respondent answered of two questions in a same way about to increase Distribution channel. Thus the YES holder came up with 12%. but few of the respondent answer it negatively with 4%. Findings OTHER REASONS STATED BY RETAILER FOR BRAND PREFERENCE: DHL I. Better Service II. Good name in the market III. Timely available IV. Immediately respond on the competitor’s strategy V. Relatively less price VI. Better packaging VII. ogistic grade is good and people are satisfied Suggestions The sales people should have faith on their abilities of convincing clients besides the lowest rate offering by their company in winning businesses. i. DHL Express should take more skillful sales people to make a difference in the sector. ii. DHL Express should arrange more training sessions for their employees. iii. DHL Express should open new branches all around the country. iv. DHL Express should improve their delivery and pick up service. v. DHL management should lessen their paper work by implementing the web based network system. 1. ENHANCE THE SMART-TRUCK PROJECT Because of the stage of recession and high competition, the companies need to make difference to have new customers and increase their market share. To invent completely new product can be very expensive and take very much time. So, making little difference on the current product or service can be better. At this time, we need to talk about innovation. As a CEO of DHL Logistics, enhancing the Smart-Truck  Project is going to be my first strategy. This project will allow our  company to deliver faster and cut cost by using less fuel. To achieve this goal, we will follow some steps: a. Increase the budget of RD 10%. b. b. Prepare an office for a new innovation team and assign a leader to work on this project’s. c. Also pay premium for new and creative ideas whoever gives it(even juniors). So this will provide us innovative atmosphere 2. AQUIRE SMALL SIZE LOGISTICS COMPANIES: By acquiring small local companies in different countries like China, India, USA, will give us pretense in that countries. Also, this will decrease the threat of restrictions in those companies. Even they are small companies; they can have creative solutions to different problems. So were acquiring new brains at the same time. We can get some ideas from them to improve our skills. I mean we are not firing people who were working there actually; we are hiring them to work with us. Conclusion Logistics is one the most important and integral part of any organizations strategy and function. When the logistical processes carried out accurately then not only the company reduces the production cost but also improves the efficiency and customer satisfaction. Overall logistics management is very important for today’s highly competitive and cut-  throat corporate world. DHL has the world’s  largest express and logistics Network. Over the past decades it had turned delivering goods into a finely oiled process. Be it a book, pen, WIP material, drugs, hazardous chemicals, clothes, documents, wild animals and any other thing under the sun DHL delivers it. With a network spanning 200countries  and  with  its  private  fleet  of  airplanes,  mobile  vans, cargo  ship  carriers  Ã‚  even  rail  way  automotives  in  some countries DHL can handle any type of goods. Not only has that with international network there come the hassle of documentationand  paperwork,  standard  packaging  and  other  formalities  toadhere to. But DHL has its own department which looks into the international laws and other formalities. In the end what matersis  delivering  good  in  good  condition  at  the  door  step  of  thecustomer? A happy and satisfied customer makes the business grow. Competitors have come  and gone but  DHL has been able to keep  its  No  1  position  intact. This  is  because  of  its  dynamicnature  and  attitude  of  maintaining  good  customer  relations. Logistics  management  is  important  for  every  organization  but more so DHL. We have tried to incorporate all the facets of logistics which propel DHL to be the best delivery and carriage-service around the world. No wonder that DHL is head and shoulders above all of  its competitors! Bibliography

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Premarital Sex free essay sample

It is a sin against God, against His will, and His way (Sin Np). Those who have committed this sin need to ask for forgiveness to God in confession, so they can reconcile with Him. God said in the Bible, â€Å"If we acknowledge our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing (1 John 1:9 1360). â€Å"The Bible explains, â€Å"The body, however, is not for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body† (1 Corinthians 6:13 1236). It’s saying that they should have some respect to their bodies, because God made us. From the Catholic Bible, premarital sex refers to fornication. The unity love of a husband and wife is ‘flesh’. When there in love they have the right to be with one another. A bunch of people may have thought they were truly in love with someone, had lost their virginity to them, and then they end up going separate ways. We will write a custom essay sample on Premarital Sex or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page People don’t know the consequence what will happen for those who have had premarital sex. Many people get tempted into having sex before marriage only because everyone else is doing it, they think it’s okay if they have fornication. â€Å"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral† (Marriage Np). The history of premarital sex is mostly involved with everyone now because those who are Catholics are usually the ones who have sex before marriage. Those who are not Catholic’s have fewer people who have had premarital sex. Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist who liked to know about human sexual behavior. He had interviewed a lot of people, and had a result that in 1905 to 1920 there was a huge change in premarital sexual behavior. In 1650 A. D. , premarital sex was like a crime and they made it illegal. Later in 1881 A. D. , Tony Pace, and Mary J. Cox, they were going to go to jail for 2 years because of having premarital sex. In 1981 A. D. , Pope John Paul II said that premarital sex does not only bring guilt but also to be envy and unfriendliness (John Paul II Np). During 2005 A. D. , if you and your couple were 18 years of age, then most countries would let you have sex before marriage. The history changed a lot from back then, because they had punishments for them if they committed it. For us in today, we have to make our right decision in following God’s way, which is to wait until your married for sexual love. The statistics of premarital sex is showing that in a data of survey age by 20, 75% of people had premarital sex. The age of 44, 95% of people having premarital sex; women who were turning 15 from 1954 to 1993, around 91% had premarital sex at age of 30. The chart below is showing the numbers of percentage of people who are all catholic and have committed premarital sex; and those who are weekly attending Catholics. It shows that 39%, in 1972 the adult Catholics said fornication was always wrongdoing. The percentage went up at 52, for the weekly attending Catholics who thought it was wrong. Those who don’t attend mass and are Catholic have a higher number at 86%. There is a lot of Catholics who attend church and don’t agree on not having sex before marriage. They don’t want to follow what God said to us, â€Å"to wait until we found our spouse to have sexual relations together†. Premarital sex on this chart is showing that this has been happening for a while now. (Pope, Msgr. Charles Np) (Pope, Msgr. Charles Np) That top graph is showing the percent of high school students who have had premarital sex, from between 1991 to 2007. It was a Youth Risk Behavior Survey taken more than 16,000 students in over 150 high schools, throughout the whole nation (Pope, Msgr. Charles Np). As you can see, in 1991 the percentage was 54. 1, the highest overall all those other years. From 1993 to1997 the percentage decreased, of 53% to 48. 4% from both females and males. Then it started increasing a little bit in 1999, about 49. 9%. It had decreased again in 2001, with a 45. 6%; from there it increased throughout the other years, a 47. 8% in 2007. That was the last percentage taken from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in 2007 from high school students, both males and females having premarital sex. This other graph below is showing another percentage that premarital sex was starting around the 1900. In 1900, it was 6% women in the U. S. having premarital sex, at the age of 19. Compared to before as of today, the percentage has increased to a 75%. Only 15% of women had the attitude of having premarital sex in 1968. The statistics are showing that it will probably increase in the future. (Premarital sex graph Np) In America premarital sex, on average for young people happens about the age of 17. In 2006-2010, the most common reason that sexually inexperienced teens gave for not having had sex was that it was â€Å"against religion or morals† (38% among females and 31% among males) (Statistics in America Np). Some other reasons were that females said they want to wait for someone special, or they don’t want to get pregnant. A female who had premarital sex the percentage is about 70% and the males is 56% with a steady partner not just a friend. Teens from the U. S. and Europe have the same issue of premarital sex. There are a lot of people who have sex before marriage, because they feel like they’re going to lose their partner. People who aren’t ready for sexual relationship, they need time and if the other person doesn’t accept you then you leave them. A survey shows for the Chinese was said that there is 70% of Chinese people who had premarital sex. The report showed that in comparison to 1994, the ratio of Chinese citizens who have had premarital sexual activity in 2012 has increased 30%, reaching 71. 4% (Chinese Statistics Np). The society can’t really do anything about having premarital sex because it’s your own decision on what you want to do. As societies they must set legal and behavioral boundaries just like God did. You may have to deal with unwanted pregnancies, and the consequences of sexual immorality. Premarital sex effects somewhat on our society from having sexual images sent out, living together without being married, and prostitution. It’s a sin it also effects on the people who care about you. In Australia, you have to be 16 to legally have a sexual relationship. The possible outcomes of premarital sex can be that young teens may have any STD’s if you’re not careful. That would be really difficult to handle at an early age. Getting pregnant is another possible outcome because they would have to take care of their baby or they may want to commit a horrible sin by doing abortion. That is really mature situation someone would have to take if getting pregnant at any early age. Also, they would have probably family problems in the future, dealing with the money and etc. They probably have the conscience filled with guilt of having sex before marriage. People should really think about what they are doing to themselves, if they ask for forgiveness to God, he will forgive you. They must not do it again until marriage. God wants us all to follow Him, have sex until marriage with our loved one whom we will share everything with them for all eternity until separated through death.

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The role of Community in modern World an Example of the Topic Psychology Essays by

The role of Community in modern World The society is never static and this attributes to the the fact that the changes are there in the society. These change are brought about by the natural and individual sources. That is why this call for the systematic and well structured approach to deal with these projected adversities in the society where we human beings leave. Through the study of emergency management it enables the society to be prepared in the avoidance of risks and develop good structures to be able to mitigate the severity of the outcomes from a possible risk. The community is the core of the global society which faces various forces that are coming together to shift the community dynamics in a dramatic way, in the aspect as the widening gap between the rich and the poor in both developed and developing nations. There's population influx in relation to consumption and the environment ability to support and sustain the community. Need essay sample on "The role of Community in modern World" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Environmental crisis evident in the global warming resulting into floods, climatic instability, hydrological and atmospheric challenges and the socio-economical issues that faces our today community. And as those challenges persists to become unbearable the urge for change in the social life to acquire and leave a more stress life so that we can have constructive and positive impact in the world today than destructive. Therefore this dissertation looks at these unfolding challenges to humanity in their environment and how to integrate and build a healthy relationship between the various systems of the community to have resilient and sustainable community by the use of emergency management techniques. The ideas are being incoperated with the case study of Singapore in in the year 1960 when they withdrew from the Malaysian federation and were faced with economic recession and communist subdivisions. Community is a group of organisms who are interacting and shares a common environment. The more advanced approach to community concept is to mean persons that shares common characteristics their location and the extend of their interaction not withstanding (Graham John 2003) . In this sense however, resilient community uses a combination of live satellite, video conferencing, articles, locally organized community based articles for discussion and the web based resumes (Delvant 2003). The community also encompasses the international community which includes the coverage of such terms as ecovillages, communities, student cooperation's, residential land trusts where persons work together to achieve a common vision that is beneficial to all regardless of their geographical environment (Charles 2003) . Community also can mean a group of individuals living together in a large society who are linked with a common policy. Sustainability is the characterized process that can be maintained at a definite level therefore, sustainability of community will focus on the community development that will last and be well maintained which focuses on the values, purposes and outcomes of the community factors which includes the prescriptive values of economic, political, religion and philosophical systems that should be networked and interlinked to yield better results the community (Walker David 2006). In order for the community to succeed in its sustainable community development it should employ the principle of transparent handling of the risk, appropriately valued nature restoration, integration of all sectors of community such as ecological, social, economical and humanistic in its policies, Equality in community opportunities and participation, continuous improvement through innovative and inventive to existing structures ofter assessing and evaluating and the supervisory functionality of good and cooperate governance (Charles 2003) . Resiliency is the ability of an individual or group of individual or society to manage the adversity in a way that is effective and which has the ability to respond to future adversity (Gupta 2003) . The most community today in the challenging world have resiliency in the adversity of poverty, war conflicts and both climatic and parental illness resiliency is characterized by two major concepts, such concepts are risk factor which is in terms of adversity or stress life events characterizing the individual and his/her environment (Charles 2003). The second one is the protective factors that includes skills or formality and essential aspects which act as buffer and base of resumes to deal with adversities effectively. Therefore, resiliency is the balance between the risks in the environment and the capability to manage them using the available support. Therefore, in the community resiliency builds around the issue of community structure seen from infancy to entrance to school then to adolescence to adulthood by detachment from the parents to becoming responsible adults. In community resiliency is an important concept during society transition when adversity tend to accumulate (Delvant 2003). The issue of whether the adversity will be successful managed it should be compartmentalized into separate sub-units and dealt with separately as entities in the society. These sub units includes physical and change or emotional resiliency that should be tackled well at present and the future. If that is due it yields the process of sustainable community development. Therefore, resiliency in the context of community development will be used as mechanism which the community used due to their capabilities to cope up with stress successfully and that it should have the aspect of dynamism which will contribute to community enhancement and maintenan ce of the key sectors of the community. The community is composed of individuals therefore, in order to build a resilience community individuals are key factor. Individuals characteristics puts them at risks, such characters as low self-esteem (Delvant 2003). The environmental characteristics plan a threat to pose an individual to risks as poverty, neighborhood, crowding, parental psychopathology and deviated peer group. Individuals protective factor that contributes to resiliency in includes cognitive skills, ability to plan independently, competency in ones history that lead to success in life and being optimistic and positive in life perceptions. Resiliency in individuals trickles down to familial protective factors where the individual is natured and influenced in most aspects of his life. These factors may include positive parent to child attachment and interaction, effective parenting constituted by the structure of rules and regulation within household (Graham John 2003). Then one resiliency has been established from individuals for families then can be looked as in terms of community. Community is seen to be resilient when it responds to adversity in a manner that strengthens the community resources and the ability to manage stress in future. The factors that contribute to the community resiliency is the mutual support characterized by high level of community participation and the community collective expectations excelling and sailing through the challenges that faces it. The community responds to crisis such as environmental, economic, working hard and voluntary, equal treatment of members of community. The key to community resiliency is empowerment factor which has direct bearing to the level of community empowerment in relation to policies and policy choices in the community (Gupta 2003) . These leads to establishment of community based programs directed to individuals resiliency such as experiential outdoor education. In order to achieve the resilient community it calls for procedures, process and principles to be involved. This key tools includes: there are a number of reasons for a resilient community is clearly seen through positive of harmonious partnership and cohesiveness between the grassroots, natural and regional level of communism which leads to potential stability, security, social and economic prosperity and progress. Impotent measure to controlling internal conflicts which can result into external hazards for outside which created sustainable livelihood of the people in a given region. Through construction of a resilient community in operations and functions it gives support to the inter community lend for instance national political and socio-economic. In construction resilient community key step is network connections in that, communities are built on connections which should be good to give better opportunities (Thomas 2001). This is achieved through improving the interaction of community internally and externally. Connectivity which is improved is created through interactive procedures by knowing and mending the network which starts with a network map that shows the complexity of human system the resilient community is to be built in. the network will provide the connections and relationship between the community ecosystems in business, political, socio-economic which helps answer key questions that can be based on when building resilient community (Gupta 2003) . The networking process touches the fundamental concepts of leadership roles in the community, preparedness of the community and whether right connections are in place. the effective network should reflect the common objective attainment in the subsystem of governance, should embrace the diversity factor so that it can cluster and nodes to maximize innovation in the network. The network should have an average path length since long path length usually distorts the message when it travels for long between the two nodes. However the average path length is convenient to measure networks global efficiency (Charles 2003) . The network for the community resiliency and sustainability undergoes four main phases to build. All these phases are inter linked to each other with bridging and facilitation by the subsistence of the leadership and the society preparedness to undergo the whole process in order to achieve the common goal. Each phase apart from the first one is built on a more adaptive and resilient structured network than the previous one so that it can be effective in tracing and tracking the community progress through the use of these phases. These phases are interconnected through evolving in the an effect that one phase should lead gradually to the next but systematical (Thomas 2001) . The first phase is usually at the individuals level that organizes them selves which is the initial stage referred to as the scattered cluster (Gupta 2003) . Clusters are with individuals ranging from one to five a group which gives the insight of the underdeveloped communities. Persons always isolate from each other and therefore lack of interactive learning and exchange of ideas that leads to underproduction sand low rate of development which makes the community structure to remain weak. At the stage there is a vital requirement to transform the system to be able to attain higher achievements. Tis the point where the role the leadership comes in and in this regard is refereed to as the weaver (Charles 2003) . The weaver makes the critical role of establishing new interactions to coordinate the activities within these groups leading to the emergency of strong groups. After a series of coordinated events the network weaver connects the small groups to come up with the spoke and him o r herself becomes the hub. The make the second system referred to as single hub and spoke. The weaver is expected to have energy, vision and necessary skills to connect the diverse of individuals by inducing the information flow ]from and to the groups. Weaver has to establish external links to bring a bout innovation and resources in the community (Walker David 2006) . Empowerment of the groups is key to achieving the informative relationship establishment and attain the collaboration and link up with member groups (Charles 2003) . Members of the community unless they cooperate the system may not blossom into a successful relationship to have a constructive development. These can be attained by proper of the society training which will help to identify and come up with other emerging weavers so that they can be equipped with necessary skills to run the community (Gupta 2003) . The weaver also starts to receive and develop a comprehensive data bank for the single hub and spoke network in the community, and starts to link them up with common goals and objectives and handles similar operations. The connection and linking up of the single hub and spoke will make the weaver to be the facilitator amongst the groups of the society (Walker David 2006). Once the process of the linking of the groups is successfully achieved the second phase is upgraded to the next phase resilient and sustainable community building and development which will be formed by the various single hub and spoke system. Thus in Singapore the young, energetic and visionary prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew established a grassroots based movement, referred to as Peoples Association (PA). T he main objective was to have all people residing in the neighborhood are proactive members involved in the activities as sports, religious affairs, vocational training. The resulting level will be the multi hub small world network where the relationship between the the divide should be built. So that the information and innovation will be accessed by the community. The community groups can organized, collaborate and cooperate within the network. The original weaver engages in the activities and planing which model new weavers to take care of the network building and maintenance processes (Thomas 2001) . this is significant because the original leader will have deviated in its role play from the direct to indirect leader or weaver. Where he will be performing supervisory roles in the whole process and will be responsible of detecting the weaknesses of the system and strength through evaluating the performance of the current system its ope rationality and productivity outcomes to the society. Once the multi system has been will coordinated it should gradually lead to the end and ultimate goal of the structure system. By the year 1970 Singapore establi shed 150 community centers who were managed by 1500 managers helped by 450 volunteers. Management supervised by 2000 management committees. As a result it collected total of $20.9 million community funds which was used to support this centers to promote and prevent other related risk a part from containing the two major threats of communism and recession of economy (Graham John 2003). These system will be referred to as the periphery and core phase that comes as a result of strong and well established that have the capacity and characteristics to link up with other regional networks and perform well. The phase is characterized by the factors such as those organizations that are new to the network and work hard to get to the core, it act as the bridging to diverse the community and lastly usually have the unique resources that operates outside the community (Delvant 2003). The periphery allows the reaching out of the ideas and informations that leads to desirable innovations and development of the community that are not prevalent in that society (Gupta 2003) . While the core offers the community systems with effect of acting and implementing those ideas and informations availed by the periphery to attain practical outcomes. Thus the periphery acts as the evaluation and monitoring tool to the system henceforth resulting data analyzed and statistical in formation obt ained will be used in the weaving or reweaving to match the present environment requirements. The challenge is in the aspect of updating and maintenance of the structured system so as to yield a resilient sustainable community. In conclusion theres an need for construction of the resilient and sustainable community in the todays world as its evident with psychological, physical and socio-economical adversities. By the use of the expanded scope of disaster management it can be done through the identification of the current network, assessed and then embark on the making it effective to suit the community. These will be achieved through the explication of the conceptual link between the community aspects, resilient and the mechanisms which foster resiliency with the proper tools put in place to create the enabling and supportive environment to the processes of resilient community building. As a result will develop community which will have a good capacity and capabilities to meet the community needs without compromising the future ability of the community. Therefore its important for the community to be stable status, coexist and be cooperative to attain the objective of a resilient and sustainable community to have a viable livelihood for the community. All in all resiliency has a great promising future for the sustainable community if its based on the sound theory and comprehensi9ve research. Reference: Delvant Gerard, 2003, Community; alienation, Routledge. Vougha Antony, 1982, Studies of library management; Cline brngley, New York. Burton Philip, 2003, Towards sustainable management of boreal forest; NRC research press, United States. Capaldo Guiharia, 2002, Global community; Abebooks, Philadelphia. Walker Brian, David Salt, 2006, Resilient thinking; island press, Michigan. Huber Diane, 2005, Leadership and nursing care management; nursing services, United States. Parker Dennis, 2001, Floods; Francis and Taylor, New York. Taylor, 2008, Disaster management handbook; CRC prt lic. New York.

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Agriculture and Irrigation Essay

Agriculture and Irrigation Essay Agriculture and Irrigation Essay The use of irrigation in ancient times has affected the way we grow crops today. Irrigation has been used for many centuries to get the water from a river to the crops. Today, we also use this way of watering crops. With the use of irrigation crops are able to be grown in larger amounts. In Sandra Postel’s article â€Å"Growing more Food with less Water† uses facts to explain how the use of irrigation is very effective in growing more food. The quote â€Å"Most of these people live in Asia and Africa, where long dry seasons make crop production difficult or impossible without irrigation† shows that many countries depend on irrigation to survive. (Postel 7) In many countries they depend on rivers to get the water they need to the crops. Since there isn’t much rain in countries like Asia Africa they need any fo rm of irrigation they can use. It is important for these countries survival that they use irrigation. Many irrigation systems are very expensive so many farmers in poorer countries cannot afford them. Recently, a new machine has been created which is very inexpensive and farmers can afford the new irrigation machine. â€Å"Over the next quarter of a century the number of people living in water-stressed countries will climb from 500 million to three billion. New technologies can help farmers around the world supply food for the growing population†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This quote shows how new irrigation technology can help farmers have a surplus in crops. (Postel 8) New, cheap, irrigation methods have provided farmers with the technology necessary to grow and water crops. New irrigation methods have helped farmers provide markets with crops which increased their income. The quote â€Å"Fields are flooded or water is

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Mao and Dynastic History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mao and Dynastic History - Essay Example At an early age, Mao liked to read popular historical books concerning political turmoil and unconventional military heroes. He liked the artistic works of Kang Yuwei, a nationalist reformer in China, and admired the earlier political generations of Chinese history. Indeed, China's last dynasty started to succumb the moment Moa founded the Chinese Communist Party in 1921. Thirteen years later, the political party had a membership of more than eighty thousand individuals. Chiang Kai-shek, a commander of the Nationalist Army, ordered his army to pursue members of the Chinese Communist Party. Although faced with challenges and mistrust, Mao’s party formed an alliance with the Nationalists against the Japanese government during the Second World War. Later on, the Nationalists fled to Taiwan during a civil war that the communists won under Mao’s leadership. Surely, there exist considerable similarities between Mao’s rule and former emperors who ruled in China. For exa mple, Mao established policies that allowed its government to redistribute some lands to peasant farmers. Mao provided a gateway to democracy and realization of human rights by providing college students with the freedom to carry out counter-revolutionaries. Similarly, the former emperors such as Liu Bang established friendly policies that lowered taxation rates and provided people with more freedom. However, Mao had a different leadership model that set in a motion of â€Å"Great Leap Forward† that aimed at safeguarding the industrial, agricultural, and construction sectors.