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Techniques for Samples of an Essay about Someone Only a Few People Know About

Techniques for Samples of an Essay about Someone Only a Few People Know About The essay defines a particular standpoint. The outline is there to make sure that you start and finish in time. Each description and statement needs to be vivid. Based on the duration of the essay, numerous body paragraphs will be different. You cannot write on every idea, and you might have to to take care your essay doesn't contain many diversities. A narrative essay definition may change in various universities and schools. Hence, if you believe banking essays are boring just like your company studies are, then you're probably wrong here. To have a good end product, the essay needs to be revised thoroughly. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Samples of an Essay about Someone There isn't anything wrong if you rely on it, but be certain you consider the matter of plagiarism seriously. Picking the subject of your essay offers you an advantage in the feeling that it is possible to write about som ething you're passionate ambitious. You can proceed and ask another person to go through your essay so that you obtain an original look at it. Expository essay employs formal language to go over someone or something. Things You Should Know About Samples of an Essay about Someone Subsequently, essay was defined in many different ways. Anyone reviewing the procedure for marketing essays is probably to encounter the advertising mix which is composed of the famous 4 P's which comprise the mix that constitutes the procedure for marketing essays. To direct you on your journey here are a couple tips. On-line advertising papers and advertising essays give the very best insight into how to perform an effective procedure of marketing essays. What You Should Do to Find Out About Samples of an Essay about Someone Before You're Left Behind Essay writing is a great means to internalize the facts that's been heard or read. In addition, your essay ought to be written based on the univers al rules of grammar and literature. There are only a few steps of writing a superb essay. Writing events in a chronological manner is the most significant element to remember when writing a narrative essay. Banking essays can be real fun to play with if you've got an exhaustive understanding about the discipline and have keen interest in writing, so should you believe that you cannot write decent banking essays than again you're erroneous. The increase of internet marketing and the debut of the World Wide Web and mobile telephony have transformed the procedure of marketing. Stories are frequently used within indigenous cultures to be able to share knowledge to the younger generation. The presented topics can ordinarily be classified into two divisions. Narrative essays typically concentrate on a considerable event along with the consequences or broader impact of the occasion. Make sure it is error-free one of the most frequent explanations for why an application is rejecte d is as it is poorly written. There aren't many tips a student must follow so as to attain success through writing admission essay. It is essential for a student to be quite specific and clear about providing personal info. The Hidden Treasure of Samples of an Essay about Someone The debut of your essay can begin with a hook. Writing essay is something which is quite familiar for each of us back when we are still schooling. A financial essay can begin with a thesis, or it may begin with a theme. Regardless of the very first impression, a narrative essay isn't the simplest of all assignments. What You Can Do About Samples of an Essay about Someone Beginning in the Next 8 Minutes When an essay was made personal, it would be an easier read. Your essay may have a happy or sad ending, depending upon your story. When you compose a narrative essay, you're telling a story. Contrary to other essays in which you might want to argue or prove something, a narrative essay is all abou t telling a story. Ok, I Think I Understand Samples of an Essay about Someone, Now Tell Me About Samples of an Essay about Someone! First of all you have to chalk down the principal points and essential data that you need to include in the essay. Narrative essays serve wide array of purposes. The prompt ought to be focused. Samples of an Essay about Someone and Samples of an Essay about Someone - The Perfect Combination Poetry lets you express yourself or your beliefs in a brief selection of words. Following are a few of the steps which you should follow so as to compose grade-winning Poe essays. William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying is a quality instance of the usage of multiple narrators. Thus, to compose a great essay you need to brainstorm all thoughts concerning your life experiences. The subject of the narrative essay usually indicates the writer's experience and there's no need to use any data from the outside sources. Since the content of narratives essay can vary wh en it has to do with unique institutions, we've resolved to supply you with examples in the event you face an issue. A narrative essay is believed to be among the most popular varieties of tasks that students get all too often. Even essays written employing the stream of consciousness technique have a specific goal at the conclusion of the essay. A narrative essay isn't just an overview of your experience, but in addition it gives your thoughts on the background you're depicting and enables your reader to produce a conclusion. Your title is quite important, and you have to pay close attention to it. To compose a narrative essay step-by-step, you want an outline for your essay. The different stages in the evolution of the essay has to be evident to the reader. Every precise detail matters if you wish to assemble a great narrative essay. A personal narrative essay is just one of the greatest tools to stop social issues which are often disregarded. With good work of imaginat ion, it's really simple to produce plot ideas. Essentially, a plot is all the big events of a story working with each other to give it a point. Essay writing is quite an excellent idea in case you have reasonable English abilities, that could be put to good use in your leisure time. It isn't an easy task, some might think it is but what they are not aware of is that, it requires a lot of hard work and a focus mind. Samples of an Essay about Someone - Overview When you sit down to compose an essay, it is necessary to see that your essay is going to have considerable effect on your score which means you should present your best for it. Essay Types The very first thing you must note is that there are different types of essays. There are quite a lot of kinds of essays you might be assigned to finish. Without any of them, you cannot compose an excellent narrative essay.

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Railroads in America - 702 Words

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States had become the leading industrial power in the world, due to 19th century technological advances which escorted America out of an agrarian based economy and into the industrial revolution. However, this period of transition made life increasingly difficult for American farmers. For example, improvements to America’s railroads presented a competitive advantage to large crop producers while placing family farmers at a substantial disadvantage. Furthermore, the prices of crops such as cotton, once the keystone of America’s agricultural economy, were falling which made it more difficult for farmers to survive. Consequently, farmers were forced to mortgage their property. Although some of the farmer’s complaints about life in the early 20th century, such as national monetary policy were unjustified, railroads and other consequences of the industrial revolution posed serious threats to the way of life for farmers. Although the emergence of railroads benefitted the nation as a whole, this mode of transport harmed famers by offering rebates to large shippers and businesses. The railroads asserted that rebates prevented them from going out of business. George W. Parker, a vice president of the Cario Short Line Railroad, asserted in his testimony to the Senate Cullom Committee, that â€Å"the operating expenses of this road is continuous†¦requires a certain volume of business to meet these fixed expenses†¦when we make up a train ofShow MoreRelatedThe Impact of Railroads in America1504 Words   |  7 Pagescentury America was a time of rapid growth and expansion. The movement of settlers further and further west accompanied by technological advances led to the major growth of cities and industries across the American frontier. However, it was the major innovations of transportation that had the most significant impact on the expansion of Midwestern and western America. The construct ion of canals and roads led to the increase in the use of stagecoaches, steamboats, and ultimately railroads. RailroadsRead More Railroad Development in America Essay2385 Words   |  10 Pages Railroads have been around for almost two hundred years. Between 1820 and 1850 the first railroads began to appear and the need for the further development became apparent. America had just gone through an era of canal making; and now with the canals not in total operation, railroads began to thrive and take jobs that would once have gone to the canals.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  However, it was not easy for the railroad industry to promote their innovative new mode of transportation. With vision and ingenuityRead MoreEffects Of Railroads On America During The 19th Century1487 Words   |  6 PagesEffect of Railroads on America in the 19th Century The Embargo Act of 1807, under President Thomas Jefferson caused the states, in the Northern and Southern regions of the Untied States, to form an interrelationship for economic self-reliance, from Great Britain. Although the Embargo Act was unsuccessful in gaining economic independence, the act created the necessity of a fast transportation system that would connect raw materials to manufacturers. The dawn of steel transportation railroads in theRead MoreEssay From Railroads to Microsoft: Monopolies in America962 Words   |  4 Pagesindustries but have also supported industries as well. The Railroad Industry of the early 19th century is probably the most commonly known case of a monopoly in American industry, it is seen in our grade school and high school history books. The Railroad became a booming success and quickly integrated itself into American enterprise. With the rise of the Railroad, gave rise to other big industries used for the building of the Railroad, industries such as, steel, copper, iron, glass, machine toolsRead MoreTranscontinental Railroad. The First Transcontinental Railroad1003 Words   |  5 Pages Transcontinental Railroad The first transcontinental railroad was built in the 1860s, though it was thought about way before those years. Its main purpose was to link the railway network of the Eastern coast with the rapidly growing state of California. No longer would people have to travel in long wagon trails that took months to reach the west coast. In addition to people, things like mail, supplies, and trade goods could now be shipped across the country in a few days. This helped revolutionizeRead MoreHow Important Are Railroads to American Industrialization?718 Words   |  3 Pageswhen American development in industry started. However, railroads probably contributed the most to American industrialization. Without railroads during this time period, American development, especially in westward expansion, development of market/industry, and development of agriculture, would have been almost impossible. The construction of railroads encouraged westward expansion. When the construction of  ¡Ã‚ °the first transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, ¡Ã‚ ± (Era, 72) it provided many benefitsRead MoreThe Search For Order 1877-1920 By Robert H. Likert1346 Words   |  6 Pagessociety and the search for itself identity through the years. Railroaded: The Transcontinental and the Making of Modern America by Richard White was about the expansion of the railroad of the west and the how America came to be in the modern age. Both authors, Robert Wiebe and Richard White, write about the same time period roughly, but they discuss different events that helped shape America at the time period. These events in today’s world would never fly a majority of the time, but we needed a time likeRead MoreThe Great American Expansion Essay1736 Words   |  7 Pages America was rapidly changing with the growth of ideas and inventions in the early nineteenth century. A major factor that allo wed the United States to flourish in the late nineteenth century was the installment of the railroad system. The push to build railroads in the United States began in the 1830s and carried on far into the 1870s. The railways became an important system that guided settlement and delivered economic opportunity for much of the United States. Railroads allowed access to placesRead MoreNegative and Positive Impact of the Transcontinental Railroad1165 Words   |  5 PagesTranscontinental Railroad Jeff Neukirch History 101 American History to 1877 Dr. Kimberly Weathers 26 June 2012 The Impacts of the Transcontinental Railroad On May 10, 1869 as the â€Å"Last Spike† struck by Leland Stanford now connected the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads across the United States at Promontory Summit in the Utah Territory. The transcontinental railroads now complete and America is now destined to move to the forefront of the world’s stage. This new railroad system encouragedRead MoreThe Industrial Revolution was a great time of growth in the United States. During this time in800 Words   |  4 PagesStates. During this time in North America the eastern side of the United States is becoming overcrowded and people begin to set off in search for new land and a fresh start. Several factor contributed to both the rise and fall of railroads in the United States from the spread of westward expansion, to farmers need to stay connected to the rest of the nation, and to the start of railroad regulations agencies. In the 19th century the eastern part of North America began to become overcrowded with immigrants

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Essay on The Effect of Media Violence on Children - 767 Words

When children are taught how to tie their shoes, it is because of how their parents showed them. When children are taught how to do math problems, it is because of how their teachers showed them. So with all of these role models, why is there so much violence? It is because children learn from what they see, even if its on the big screen. Violence in the movies should have strict regulation because it has negative effects on the behavior of children. First, we must define the negative effects of childrens behavior. In 1991, children under the age of ten committed more than 1000 acts of aggravated assault and 81 cases of forcible rape. Juveniles 12 and under committed ...murder, robbery, larceny-theft, and forcible rape(Bennett†¦show more content†¦From his book, The Index of Cultural Indicators, William Bennett says, The following are the approximate number of deaths recorded in five popular movies: MOVIE DEATH COUNT Die Hard 2 264 Rambo 3 106 The Wild Bunch89 Robocop 2 74 Total Recall 74 New movies are just as packed with violence. In the movie Natural Born Killers, by Oliver Stone, a young couple named Mickey and Mallory fall in love. Being so carefree, as young lovers are, they terrorize the country by killing people for sport. Mickey ends up in jail, starts a riot in the jail, kills MORE people, and escapes to return with Mallory. There is excessive violence throughout the entire movie and it portrays violence and murder as a comical subject. Its not just the movies that are dangerous, but also the commercials for the movies. A commercial during a Saturday morning cartoon show advertized a Clint Eastwood festival with captions from a movie containing a graphic murder scene.(Gore 60) Throughout the past thirty years, violence in the media has increased, and so has violence in our society among young people. The fastest growing segment of the criminal population is our children(Bennett 30). There have been several tests conducted over the past three decades determining what causes social violence. The National Committee on the causes and prevention of violence reported in 1969 that violence in the mediaShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children873 Words   |  4 Pages According to the Media Education Foundation, once a child reaches eighteen years of age, they have witnessed around 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders (jacksonkatz.com). Our society loves entertainment and a grand portion of this entertainment contains violence. Children constantly consume violent visuals, due to their prevalence. Majority of our society is uninterested in the effects of media violence since its effects do not show immediately. Misinformation is our greatest enemy in theRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children974 Words   |  4 Pagesmany kinds of media, like Internet, video game, television and film. It is generally believed that some of the bad information such as violent content in the media can have a negative effect on people, and it can end up causing s ome social problem. It is clear that children are more likely to be influenced by media violence than other age groups because of their world outlook and personality are not formed. Furthermore is if media violence does have some profound influence on children, this will leadRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children884 Words   |  4 Pagesis all this necessary to fabricate in the media? What are characters in movies teaching kids? What about the language in music talking about killing people and talking about violence like it’s the cool thing? What about new channels always talking about guns, bombs and threats to the public, is this what is influencing are children because they view it as a norm? Some may agree with this as others may disagree. Media violence is not the factor in violence today. Studies show that over 90% of homesRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children1357 Words   |  6 Pagesthe graphic cruelty and violence. According to American Psychological Association, the harmful influence of media violence on children dates back to the 1950s and 1960s, and remains strong today. A child that watches violence or hears about violence can be influenced to become violent. Indeed, in reviewing the totality of empirical evidence regarding the impact of media violence, the conclusion that exposure to violent portrayals poses a risk of harmful effects on children has been reached by theRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children1943 Words   |  8 PagesFor many years now, the media has been a big part of our lives. Almost everybody in the world is or has connected to it one way or another. It is a way for families and friends to have fun together, for interesting topics that people are interested in, or to just enjoy alone. However, there is a problem that can be seen across all types of media: violence. Violence can be seen as a distraught way to get over problems. There is judgement issues involved for violence. It is done by bullies in schoolRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children2411 Words   |  10 PagesMedia Violence is definitely harmful to children as the exposure of media violence can desensitize children (age 6-12) to violence and in the real world; violence becomes enjoyable and does not result in apprehensiveness in the child. There have been several studies and experiments regarding the adverse effects of violence used in video games, television, as well as movies. With both preschool and school-aged children, studies have found that they are more likely to imitate the violence they seeRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children2122 Words   |  9 Pagesexposed to various types of media, for example books or magazines, television, song lyrics, video games, and movies. Media often portrays, aggressive action, behaviour, and violence. This content can negatively affect not only adolescents and adults, but can have an even greater effect on children even from the moment they are exposed to it. Children who are exposed to violence in the media may display aggressive and violent behaviour. Young people especially children under the age of eight thisRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children1903 Words   |  8 Pagesdepict different forms of violence. Some people feel that there is too much violence exposed in the media. Many studies have made the claim that the media is responsible for much of the violence seen in the world we live in. However, people have choices and responsibilities we cannot allow ourselves to blame it on other things such as the media. The violence seen in our media has an impact on both adults and children. Since children are also exposed to various forms of media, there has been additionalRead MoreEffects of Media Violence on Children2430 Words   |  10 PagesThe Effect of Media Violence on Children and Levels of Aggression. It has been said that children are like sponges when it comes to attaining knowledge. This seems to be true whether they are learning to speak or how to show emotion. Feelings and emotions become more imminent once children begin to go through adolescents. Children acquire the ability to aggression, sadness, and happiness more readily. Males typically exhibit higher levels of aggression then females according to some researchRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children1270 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent forms of violence. Some people feel that there is too much violence exposed in the media. Many studies have made the claim that the media is responsible for much of the violence seen in the world we live in (List and Wolfgang). However, people have choices and responsibilities we cannot allow ourselves to blame it on other things such as the media. The violence seen in our media has an impact on both adults and children. Since children are also exposed to various forms of media, there has been

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Green Ocean Strategy Case Study - Lenovo United Kingdom

Question: How Green Ocean Strategy is Helping in Better Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty? Answer: Chapter 1: Conceptual framework 1.1 Introduction The market is growing with the increase in competitions, it has assessed that the customers has become more familiar environmental friendly product and services. Most of the business entities have becoming more conscious in respect of environmental attributes and elements to be engaged in the p-production of their goods and services (Mei, 2013). The green ocean strategy is adopted by the business entities for creating business opportunities by contributions in environmental developments. As per the assessment, Green ocean strategy solutions provide new conceptions for segmentations, market focusing, business territory evaluations with sustainable development and innovations (Green, 2010). In then analysis, the strategic approach is focused on transforming determinations of business more to customer service than product orientations. It helps to engage sustainable innovations and development in the product and services so that nit can able to enhance the market share of business organ izations. Sustainability, innovations and design enhances the product durability quality and performance by which the organisations able to create proper customer base and loyalty. As per the analysis the implications of the green ocean strategies the market analysis and segmentations are based on the customer needs and requirements. The research proposal is based on providing a critical and detailed analysis on the impact of green ocean strategies to create proper customer retention and customer loyalty for the UK based company Lenovo. With the engagement of research proposal, a proper learning and knowledge on the impact of green ocean strategy can be evaluated for enhancing the customer base and customer loyalty for the particular product or service. 1.2 Aims and objectives As per the selected topic, the aim of the research will be to focus and analyze elements and factors of green ocean strategy that can enhance the customer retention and customer loyalty of a business organization. Then particular topic will engage a brief study on relationships within the strategic approach of Green ocean and elements that enhance the customer retention and loyalty. The researcher has selected a case study of multinational computer technology and electronic gadget manufacturing comp-any Lenovo operating in United Kingdom. The engagement of different model, theories and approaches help to define the extent of Green Ocean strategy to enhance the customer base and customer loyalty for the company. For further penetration of the research, researcher based on the aim of the study has framed the objectives. The objectives for the research study have been framed as following: To analyze the role of Green Ocean strategy in increasing innovations and development of product or services To analyze the significance of Green ocean strategy in Lenovo To investigate the element of green ocean strategy in increasing customer loyalty of Lenovo To evaluate relationship between customer retention and Green ocean strategy of Lenovo 1.3 Research Question Based on the aims and objectives the researches questions are prepared to make more detailed analysis and evaluations on the research topic are framed as following: What is the role of Green ocean strategy to increase innovations and development of the product and services? What is the significance and use of Green oceans strategy in business operations of Lenovo? How elements of Green Ocean strategy can increase customer loyalty of Lenovo? What is the relationship between customer retention and green ocean strategy of Lenovo? How factors of green ocean strategy can increase customer retentions in Lenovo? 1.4 Rationale of the study As per the rationale of the study, the topic has been selected to analyses and evaluates the extent of impact of the Green Ocean strategy in increasing the customer loyalty and retentions. The Green ocean strategies is been used by most of the business entities to enhance high sustainable development and creativity in the product and services (Leavy, 2009). In the analysis, the strategy is more focused on the services quality and critical thinking on enhancing the customer base of business organizations. As per the assessment, with the engagement of this research study critical analysis and evaluations on the factors, approaches, conceptions and applications of Green Ocean strategy to be assessed (Taylor, 2013). It enhance knowledge and learning on the factors of this strategy increasing more quality based and sustainable service and impact of this sustainability and innovations can provide customer base and loyalty to a business organizations. Implications of the research help to ev aluate the factors of this strategy hat create relationship and influence customer attaint ion towards the product and service been introduced by the company (Kerton et al. 2013). However, the study provide positive implications of the green ocean strategy thus will not cover the overall impact of particular strategic approach on the business operations and increasing customer base, retention and loyalty. Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework 2.1 Theories of Customer retention and customer loyalty As per the standardizations of service quality theory, the customer retention is based on the loyalty and satisfactions of the customer. The customer retentions are been evaluated and assessed by evaluating the quality and experience level of customers to repurchase the product by repeated times (Nili and Keramati, 2012). In the theoretical approach of standardized customer service, the customer retentions evaluators long term attachment possibilities of customers with the particular product or brand in the market place. In the model of customer retention, it is been formed by brand image, customer value, customer experiences, product or service quality and loyalty of the customers (Tsao, 2012). Figure 1: Customer Retention (Source: Morton, 2013, pp- 75) In the other hand, the customer loyalty theory is based on believe and perceptions of the consumers on quality, benefits and features of the product and service been introduced by the business organizations in the market place. The analysis assess the loyalty of the customers are evaluated on the decision making procedure of the customers. As per the target market theory, the customer loyalty is based on the needs perceptions and expectations to be met by the organizations continuously (Olson, 2008). 2.2 Green ocean strategy The Green Ocean Strategy evaluates the sustainability and innovations in the product to enhance its quality relevancy and presentations in the market place. In the analysis the scope of the strategic approach of green ocean providing and changing trend to the lifestyle that has been accepted by the customers (Mei, 2013). As per the analysis, the customers are more conscious and depend on the environmental friendly and healthy products leaving which is accepted by the market. The theory of sustainable growth and development of the business defines; green ocean strategy is able to create more value concern to product and customer service. As per the analysis the implications of green ocean strategy drives the product orientations more towards providing sustainable service which create customer base and satisfaction level more efficiently (Kerton et al. 2013). In the analysis, the strategic approach of Green Ocean establishes a different and more critical targeting of the market. The implications of the green ocean strategy are based on the carbon emissions, environmental resource implications and minimizing pollutions. In other manner, the green ocean strategic approach creates proper corporate responsibility that enhances the customer attentions towards environmental friendly product introduced by the company (Nili and Keramati, 2012). Figure 2: Elements of Green Ocean Strategy (Source: Kerton et al. 2013, pp- 860) 2.3 Impact of Green ocean strategy The red ocean strategic approach enhances proper competitive advantage and edge for the market and Blue Ocean provides innovations and creativity to product or service to enhance its quality and presentations (Taylor, 2013). The green ocean strategic approached is the hybrid of Red Ocean and blue ocean strategy. It engages competitions and innovations in the production make it more durable and sustainable in the market place. As per the analysis, the green ocean strategy provides competitive edge and creativity to the product that makes the product more service oriented and attractive to the customers (Morton, 2013). Implications of this strategic approach in the business decline the wastage and cost of product that help the company to maintain standard pricing of product as per customer perceptions. The business entities able to provide more creative inventions in product or service with new technologies that are able to create opportunity of business in the market place (Olson, 2008). Innovations creativity and competitive advantage of the product create proper sustainability and durability formed by green ocean strategy. Implications of the strategic approach enhance the customer attraction, satisfaction and retentions with the product and services as consumer seek for innovative quality and standard price product in the market (Green, 2010). Chapter 3: Methodological Framework 3.1 Research Strategy and methodology The primary research data collection method is raw data collections from the participants on a particular research topic (McNiff and Whitehead, 2006). As per the analysis the primary data are been used to enhance practical information and data which focuses on the requirement and need of the study. In the other hand the secondary data is also used to gather theoretical conceptions and application to provide more better and clear understanding on the topic (Harrison and Reilly, 2011). In the particular research, the primary data sources were to be used for interaction with the customer and managers of Lenovo Group Limited. It will help to gather information as per the framed objectives of research. Figure 3: Data collection sources and technique (Source: Toloie-Eshlaghy et al. 2011, pp- 110) The random sampling technique has been used to select 50 customers and 5 managers of Lenovo to gather information by sample questionnaire. In the analysis, qualitative data technique has been used to evaluate narrative and theoretical information from the managers of company (Saunders et al. 2006). In the other hand with the help to survey questionnaire, a statistical information been gathered from the customers of the company. In the research a mixed approach has been used developing qualitative and quantitative information on tureen ocean strategy impact on customer retention and loyalty. 3.2 Logistical and Ethical Considerations As per the logistical considerations, the researcher wills appointments with the managers of Lenovo Group Limited United Kingdom and makes a telephonic interview to gather qualitative data on the topic. In relationsto the customers, an online interview via Facebook will be conducted with the distribution of sample questionnaire for gathering information on the research topic. There are some basic ethical considerations to be adopted and maintained by the researcher while conducting the particular research study (Magilvy and Thomas, 2009). As per the assessment, the information gathered on the topic to be used for the research only and cannot be shared with third individuals not related to research. The respondents are not to be pressurized for providing responses on the questions designed by researcher (Truscott et al. 2010). The respondents information need to be confidential if it is been requested and there should not be any external pressures to be made on the respondents for participating in the research. A Gantt chart has been designed to provide information on flow of research as per the time scheduling assessed (Collis and Hussey, 2009) (with reference to appendix) Chapter 4: Analytical Framework 4.1 Outcomes and findings As per the expected outcomes and findings, that will be extracted from the primary data collection provide critical evaluation on green ocean strategy impact on customer loyalty and retention of Lenovo. The evaluation and learning provide brief evaluation on factors and approaches of green ocean strategy that helps to make sustainable development of the product and service of organisation. It will also help to extract positive and negative impact green ocean strategy in enhancing the customer retention and loyalty. Qualitative and quantitative research results enhance factors elements and relationships between strategic approach of Green Ocean and customer retention and loyalty. The expected finding of research will also provide information on use of factors of green ocean strategies to sustainably grow market demand and attractions of the customers. 5.0 Conclusion The dissertations will provide critical evaluations and analysis of impact and significance of green ocean strategy for enhancing better customer retention and loyalty. In the particular study, the researcher focuses on factors and elements of green oceans strategy in prospect of chosen organizations Lenovo Group Ltd, UK. With the implications of primary data analysis, the researcher will able to extract information on better customer retention and customer loyalty of company through green ocean strategy. List of References Books Collis, J. and Hussey, R. (2009) Business Research, A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, London: Palgrave, McNiff, J. and Whitehead, J. (2006) Action Research, London: Sage Mei, Z. (2013). On the Green Wave in Weibo Ocean. Kbenhavn. Morton, L. (2013). Strategy and Command. Greenock: 232 Celsius. Saunders, M. et al (2006) Research Methods for Business Students, Harlow: Prentice Hall. Taylor, P. (2013). The Thirty-Six Stratagems. Oxford: Infinite Ideas. Journals Green, J. (2010). Ocean tides and resonance. Ocean Dynamics, 60(5), pp.1243-1253. Harrison, R. L. and Reilly, T. M. (2011) "Mixed methods designs in marketing research", Qualitative Market Research: an International Journal, 14(1), pp. 7 26 Kerton, F., Liu, Y., Omari, K. and Hawboldt, K. (2013). Green chemistry and the ocean-based biorefinery. Green Chem., 15(4), p.860. Leavy, B. (2009). The green imperative: innovation opportunity. Strategy Leadership, 37(1). Magilvy, J. K. and Thomas, E. (2009) A first qualitative project: Qualitative description design for novice researcher, Journal of the Society for Paediatric Nurses, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 298-300. Nili, A. and Keramati, A. (2012). Customer Retention Programs of CRM and Customer Retention in E-Banking. International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 3(1), pp.18-32 Olson, E. (2008). Creating an enterprise level green strategy. Journal of Business Strategy, 29(2), pp.22-30 Toloie-Eshlaghy, A., Chitsaz, S., Karimian, L. and Charkhchi, R. (2011) A Classification of Qualitative Research Methods, Research Journal of International Studies, 20, 106-152. Truscott, D. M., Smith, S., Thornton-Reid, F., Williams, B. and Matthews, M. (2010) A cross-disciplinary examination of the prevalence of mixed methods in educational research: 1995-2005, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 13(4), pp. 317-328 Tsao, H. (2012). Budget allocation for customer acquisition and retention while balancing market share growth and customer equity. Mark Lett, 24(1), pp.1-11 Appendix Table 1: Gantt Chart